Dropping Trans Mountain based on activist misinformation is the wrong course of action.

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This is a news compilation setting the record straight on the day’s top anti-oil and gas stories and providing research and facts to counter misinformation about the oil and gas industry.

News Headline:

Foreign-funded activists are trying to stall Trans Mountain by shaming insurance companies into dropping them.

Trans Mountain moves to protect insurers as environmental groups urge them to drop coverage

The Facts:

Dropping Trans Mountain based on activist misinformation is the wrong course of action.

  • The push for insurance companies to stop insuring Trans Mountain has been an on-going campaign by foreign-funded activist organizations like Stand.earth .

  • The article states that the only oil that will be shipped on Trans Mountain is from the oil sands. However, it is a mixed service line that will transport a different variety of products like light oil and refined products like gasoline to the lower mainland.

  • The article also mentions that activists are focused on Trans Mountain due the emissions intensity of the oil sands. The intensity has decreased over 20% since 2009.


Here is a story that gets it right.

TERRAZZANO: Trudeau’s second carbon tax means higher costs for Canadians

As the Prime Minister snuck in the increase in Carbon Taxes at the end of the year, the government also announced what is basically another tax on carbon. These “clean fuel standards” as the government calls them are going to increase the prices at the pumps. Terrazano notes that the second carbon tax is expected to add up to 11 cents per litre to the price of gasoline. That could cost Canadian families nearly $40 bucks in carbon taxes every time they fill up their minivan in 2030. Trudeau’s second carbon tax is also expected to lead to 30,000 fewer jobs.


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